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Makita LS1216L Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Any professional who wants to do the best work needs the best tools to do it. For the finish carpenter who wants his work to stand above the competition, the Makita LS1216L sliding compound miter saw just might be the best choice for a job site saw.

The LS1216L is Makita’s impressive new generation of Sliding Miter Saw. It comes with a long list of state-of-the-art features for ease of use, versatility,?? increased cutting capacity and power.

Start with the capacity: With its retractable rear guard and the triple gear drive system that puts motor housing higher than on most other miter saws, the Makita LS1216L Sliding Compound Miter Saw will handle 8″ crown molding and up to 6-1/2″ baseboard,?? nested vertically.

It has 5-1/2″ tall adjustable sliding fences for not only supporting tall stock, but also for more precise miter and bevel cuts. The upper portion of the fences slide outward to give you clearance for bevel cuts, while the lower portion slides inward to stabilize and support the material better.

The four rail slide system gives you rigidity and accuracy in your cuts all the way out to 15″?? at 90?? and 10-1/2″ at 45??. These round rails ride on six ball bearings for smooth, solid and accurate sliding action.

The vertical vise/clamp is double-jointed to give you more reach (and versatility) when clamping your material. And the vise can be mounted on either side.

Best Miter Saw

The list of features making this saw easy to use in equally impressive. First of all, you can miter 0?? to 52?? left and 0?? to 60?? right with positive stops at 0??, 15??, 22.5??, 31.6?? and 45??, both left and right. And the miter lock is an easy “one-touch” for quick, easy and accurate adjustments.

The LS1216L can perform bevel cuts anywhere from 0?? to 45??, both left and right, with positive stops at 0??, 22.5??, 33.9?? and 45?? in either direction. The dual handle bevel lock is easily accessible with front AND top facing scales for increased precision in adjustments.

The laser guide is also well thought out, with its own switch so you can turn it on and set up your cut without the blade turning. And it has micro-adjustments for precise settings, right or left of blade cutting.

The replaceable stainless steel miter scale is easy to read and the blade guard is clear for better visibility. And the large, easy to grip, ergonomically designed horizontal D-handle is rubberized for more comfort and has an extra-large trigger switch.

Then there’s the power: A 15 amp electronically controlled motor that won’t bog down and will maintain constant speed under load.

For a big saw, the 12″ Makita LS1216L is surprisingly compact, thanks in part to the staged slide mechanism; the two pairs of support rails add up to give you the full slide to cut that 15″ crosscut. And at 52 pounds, it’s truly portable.

In the area of versatility, the LS1216L doesn’t fall short, either. This sliding compound miter saw, unlike some of the high quality saws on the market, will take any 12″ blade with a standard 1″ bore. Which means you can use it to cut almost any material, from the softest woods to plastics to non-ferrous metals, just by changing the blade.

Article written on Makita Miter Saw by Jon Guy. You can also get more information on this topic at Sliding Compound Miter Saw

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